Anonymous wanted to know:
I am living in McKay Village this fall and was wondering if it is closed for a month during winter break, like the freshman dorms are?

Nope! You can stay the whole month. I actually only went home two and a half weeks my last year because I didn’t want to lose the rent (and because my family is not fun), so take advantage of your rent if you wanna. 

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Roxanne’s College Advice (REQUESTED)

Three years ago (going into my senior year), I wrote about things I’d learned and would have done differently over here. Upon request, I’m going to add to that, and tell you what I’ve learned in and out of my bachelor’s, master’s, and the professional workforce.

- You are a new person. You totally have the opportunity to be whoever you want. So if you have some high school baggage, this is the best time to shed it. Welcome to college. Let’s have fun. 

- Pay attention to your finances. My first year of college my parents were living on a single-income. Instead of being an adult, I ignored my accounts until I earned myself several overdraft fees. That was a bad choice.

- Everyone gets lonely at one point or another. If you can do so in a healthy manner, embrace it. Go explore the city and get out of your room. My safe haven was Michaels and one of my favorite things to do freshman year was little craft projects while watching tv.

Amazon Prime for students is free for six months and includes free two-day shipping. 

- Rape jokes aren’t funny. Don’t be that asshole. 

- You won’t be the only one with a Bob Marley poster. In fact, you’ll be probably be the punchline to someone’s joke. If ganja is your thing, tact probably should be too. You’re not fifteen anymore.

- That nifty lanyard they give you at orientation? It’s super nifty. It’s also the best way to be identified as freshman. If that’s what you’re into, then cool. If not? well, now you know. 

- You know what’s better than bringing your entire room to college? Not doing that. Less is seriously more. If you do end up bringing too much shit, then take it home in increments when you visit or your family does. 

- Not everyone is in the same place academically coming into college, but it’s generally agreed upon that college is a step up. Be accountable for yourself in that manner, because you never know when a bad GPA could ruin a cool opportunity - a scholarship, internship, grad school. 

- Take a class in a discipline you might not ordinarily do so. I entered college pretty conservative and took Myra Ferell’s “Women, Ethnicity, and Identity” class my middle year and became a more well-rounded person. Now, I’m pretty centrist politically.

- If a class doesn’t feel like the right fit, don’t wait until it’s too late to drop. If you’re middle of the road about dropping a class, then have a conversation with the professor about your concerns. 

- When it comes to unsubsidized loans, it’s a steal if you’re able to make payments within 120 days of it being disbursed to you. If you start making payments, it’ll be like you never borrowed the money in the first place. Subsidized loans don’t have this problem because the government pays interest while you’re in school.

- Creating a calendar for yourself of assignments, exams, and important events will do you great justice in the long run. You won’t be able to follow it 100%, but it definitely helps. A couple of mine from undergrad looked like this and this. In grad school, I did it like this

- MyEdu is a really helpful tool for seeing if it’s impossible to get an A in your professor’s classes. You create an account, look up a class at NAU, and see the historical grade distribution by professor. 

- If you don’t want to keep a textbook, rent it through or use

- Use Google Docs. It’s the best ever. It automatically saves as you write and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection, on the Google Drive app, and on your tablet so you can write wherever you go.

- In the same token, I really liked using Google Presentations for group powerpoints in grad school so I could know who was slacking and could rectify that quickly.

- If someone doesn’t do their portion during a group project and doesn’t have legitimate reason, don’t hesitate to tell a professor or rate them badly on peer evaluations. Don’t sink a whole group because one person was a lazy asshole.

- Bring a couple nice outfits to campus for interviews and formal occasions. 

- Use stayfocusd (Chrome) or leechblocker (Firefox) to lock you out of certain websites when you’re trying to get studying done. You’ll appreciate it later.

- Please don’t be that person who never stops talking in class so everyone ends up staying twenty minutes later. If you have a specific, relevant question - go ahead. If it’s something more particular to you, save it for after class.

- Make sure to put extra time into your morning for getting to class. The buses aren’t always as on-time or helpful as they could be. 

- Don’t put popcorn in the microwave and then walk away to take a shower. Don’t smoke weed in your room. Don’t let your alarm clock ring for fifteen minutes. People can hear it and they hate you. 

- Pay attention to your degree progression plan. It can be found in the student catalog and can make sure you’re not taking pointless extraneous classes. 

- Give yourself a break. When things get stressful, get out of your toxic environment by sleeping, going for a walk, using water colors, blowing bubbles, etc. You probably are not as efficient as you could be when your head’s not clear. Here are some tips from one of my presentations from grad school. 

- Create a mini medicine cabinet. Bring some cold medicine, allergy medicine, ibuprofen, pepto bismol, etc. It’s useful, I promise. 

- Keep little mementos. I have a box in my apartment from all the little things I got senior year from various endeavors. It also helps in making a scrapbook, if that’s what you’re into. 

- Don’t be afraid to ask if there’s the possibility for extra credit. Also, don’t be afraid to discuss your challenges with a professor. It might end up better than you expected

- If you can afford it, printers are a good investment. I got mine at Walmart freshman year and it wasn’t too bad

- According to my educational psychology textbook, don’t do any of this

- Internships are super cool. You might want to consider one your junior or senior year. Earlier if you want. They show relevant experience and add to oomph to your resume. What’s the old adage? Can’t get a job with no experience, can’t get experience without a job? Don’t be that person. 

- When walking late at night, maybe call the campus safety aides to help you home? Really, really don’t want weirdos harassing you guys. 

- When you get sick, you can schedule an appointment in advance at the Health Center so you don’t have to wait. 

- Free tutoring is available for a ton of classes. Please take advantage. You can also use the writing center to have someone review your essays. 

- Despite the stereotype that seniors don’t give a fuck, they do. At NAU, seniors have the highest GPA. Freshman have the lowest. Also, if you come into freshman year saying you have senioritis, people will roll their eyes at you. You’re stressed and less motivated. Seniors are more overwhelmed with their impending adulthood. It’s different. 

- I wish I had studied abroad and you should (if possible) so I can live vicariously through you.

- Satin pillowcases help with frizz and are super comfy. You can find them here for a reasonable price. 

- For the love of Jesus (or whoever), use contraception if you’re gonna have a good ol’ time. It’s way cheaper than a baby or an abortion. Less time consuming than adoption, too. 

- If you’re on the bus and someone short can’t reach the handle, be a decent person and let them take your seat. Being a ping pong ball probably sucks?

- When a bus pulls up, people get off first, and then those at the stop get on. Please don’t be a jerk and try to get on while people are trying to get off. 

- Don’t drink so much your RA has to call an ambulance. No one wants to hear the sirens ringing at 3am because you weren’t considerate enough to get wasted off-campus. 

- NAU Motorist Assistance can help with car lockouts and jump starts. They were super helpful when I needed them my freshman year. 

- Create a resume. NAU Career Development can help with this. Keep it concise and not a clustered mess. When a resume is hard to read or too heavy, people stop paying attention. 

- Unless you’re an angel or like to have yourself out there, it’s probably better to keep your social media private or minimal. You never know what fun stuff will happen. I still can’t get my Youtube channel off of the results for my name and it’s been a year since I took my full name off it. Google Plus is the Satan’s handy work. 

- Be uber conscientious of the sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, and generally intolerant things you say. NAU tends to be a little better about this, but there’s always people saying harmful things. Luckily, that doesn’t have to include you. Educate yourself on important issues and general respect before making risky statements.

Bet you didn’t know what you were getting into when you asked my general advice. Now you do. Ha.  

Anonymous wanted to know:
What is your opinion on bringing a desktop pc to your dorm?

I’m not a fan. It would probably take up more space and be less useful, unless you also have a laptop. Mobility is important to me, though. 

Anonymous wanted to know:
Aside from freshman master list, aside from all the technical stuff, what is some advice you have for incoming freshmen? Taking into consideration ALL of the personal aspect of university living.

I will make this post in the morning and invite Bianca, Jess, and Christine (the liaisons) to write their own. 

Anonymous wanted to know:
Is there anyway to know whether NAU has received my AP test scores yet? Also, if I bubbled in NAU's school code during AP registration, does it only send my test scores from this year or does it include all AP tests ever taken?

Call Admissions. I don’t know. It might be on your LOUIE under test scores if they still input things there. 

Anonymous wanted to know:
I've heard of some schools that have like places on campus where students go to have sex, like the library or something. Is there a place like that at NUA?/Is this just a terrible myth about college?

People having sex in public? Well, it’s not a myth, but you probably won’t run into it? There used to be a Facebook group for all the people who had had sex in Cline, lol. 

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Black Hound Gallerie hangs redacted shoplifter apology letters in their store.

Black Hound Gallerie hangs redacted shoplifter apology letters in their store.

Anonymous wanted to know:
What's the name of the class that basically just takes you on outdoor hikes and rock climbing outside and around the university?

Probably fitness walking? There’s also a beginning rock climbing class.

All the classes are described here.

Anonymous wanted to know:
Are there any First Friday type of events, but on campus?

The College of Arts & Letters hosts different events. You can see free movies at Prochnow. I don’t know exactly what you’re asking, though.

Downtown is really close. I recommend going to First Friday and seeing what there is to offer. 

Anonymous wanted to know:
If you do not have a car, how else can you get up to snowbowl?

This website says it has a shuttle to snowbowl, but I don’t know if it’s current. Maybe you’ll become friends with someone who has a car. Consider joining these organizations for snowboarding and maybe hitch a ride/make friends? You can also consider different NAU ridesharing programs. 

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