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To the anonymous person asking about the fitting rooms. When you go into the store they ask you to put your bag(s) into a cubicle. The bathrooms are the fitting rooms. 

Anonymous wanted to know:
is it possible to use a transfer on something more expensive and then pay the extra dollar or two using dining dollars? For example, getting a venti and a muffin at starbucks for a transfer?

I think that is possible, yes! I am not totally sure, however. Still, go ahead and try!

Anonymous wanted to know:
do we have to move everything out of our dorms during winter break or can we leave stuff in the room? thanks


Anonymous wanted to know:
Does insurance cover massages at health services? If not, how much is it?

I don’t know. I suggest you go ask the massage people in the HLC, or give them a phone call.

missbingleys wanted to know:
Being a lumberjack is awesome as hell. My aunt works for NAU and going out to campus with her is always so much fun. And flagstaff is stunning too - it's where my family's from


Anonymous wanted to know:
Does the nau bookstore have a fitting room?

I don’t think so.

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Anonymous wanted to know:
Can I take money out from my dining dollars?

Nope. Sorry. 

Anonymous wanted to know:
i applied last week and never got an email confirming my application submission like others i know... did my application not send or something?

Maybe it went to spam? I would search all your email folders. Also, you could probably check your debit card to see if you were charged the application fee. If you ever had a username assigned, you can check your status with your username on LOUIE.

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