Anonymous wanted to know:
I have absolutely no idea where to buy trendy winter clothes. Any suggestions? Also, is there a point in bringing any shorts, capris, or sundresses?

I don’t particularly know about ‘trendy’ but I would check Target and Old Navy, Walmart. Any kind of general place like that. I personally would check Goodwill for a reasonable price. 

And of course! Believe it or not there will be some nice weather where shorts, capris, and sundresses are appropriate :)

Anonymous wanted to know:
Does nau require you to wear a helmet when riding a bike?

If they do, it’s never enforced. 

loeliza wanted to know:
Since Campbell only has two floors, is one floor an all male hall and the other all female? Or is it a mix?

I couldn’t say. Some halls have it divided by wing or by floor. MoCa was an all-girls hall, so I couldn’t tell ya. 

Anonymous wanted to know:
Does flagstaff have a lot of traffic? Because I was thinking about commuting and the place is somewhat by the airport and google maps suggest it's about a 15min drive?

Most of your commute would be on the 17, so you would be fine. 

Anonymous wanted to know:
I contacted a teacher who said to get the 5th edition of a book, but "in a pinch" I can get the 3rd or 4th. The 4th is definitely the cheapest, but do you recommend still going with the 5th? I'm not sure if the text will be different and there is little information available online. Thanks!

If they’re letting you go with an older version, take the opportunity and run. Honestly, textbooks do not change very much between editions and if they do, your professor may be willing to let you borrow a copy briefly if needed. 

Anonymous wanted to know:
Do you know of any dance classes available at NAU? Such as: ballroom, salsa, hip hop, swing, etc? Classes for people who want to learn those styles of dance, not exactly just a dance team.

Anonymous wanted to know:
Is there a bike rack outside of mountain view hall, or do you have to pay to use the storage in the parking garage?

I think there are bike racks near every residence hall. 

Anonymous wanted to know:
That was awesome advice, actually. Thank you!

No prob!

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These are from a wonderful book called The Art Of Comforting. Check it out and learn how to be better at supporting people going through difficult things.

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Anonymous wanted to know:
Roxanne, I am in love with your grad school calendar!! Is it possible for you to post the PDF file so I can make it relevant to my schedule?

I have uploaded it here as a doc that can be edited. You can download it by clicking “save” at the top.

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