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I'm just excited to leave Tucson and move to Flagstaff so I can get the education I dreamed about.

Hooray for new beginnings!

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I just paid my enrollment fee for NAU (woo) and i want to become a photo journalist. I have heard NAU doesn't have the best photography program... But what about the journalism program?

Yay congratulations, get it! :) I know there are specific classes for photojournalism specifically, so maybe you can do some sort of major/minor combination between photography and journalism? They’re both in the school of communications so it would be easy to do! The communications building is one of the nicest on campus, and seems to have a good rep from what I’ve heard! Good luck!

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General reminder, 

Please do not ask about specific programs and their reputation. Not because we don’t want to help, but mostly because we usually can’t. I suggest, as always, to make a post and place it in the NAU tags, look for Facebook groups for the major, and contact the department directly for a possible student liaison.

This is now the second question on the master list and if you aren’t reading the master list before asking questions, they will likely not be answered. Sorry, but it’s unreasonable to expect me to know the reputation of every program at NAU and I feel like you guys likely know this. 


Roxanne (moderator)

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I just wanna go on record and say that Dakota, the sophomore from California with beautiful eyes dating Shannon, IS PERFECTION AND I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE BROWNIES WITH HIM OKAY

Awkwardly enough, pretty sure I know exactly who you’re talking about… I used to work with Dakota! Very cool guy who happens to be phenomenally good-looking. And now he’s even more awesome because he’s made an appearance on life-as-a-lumberjack! AYOOO!

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To the person asking about parties, I assume you mean college parties like in the movie and such. All I have to say is yeah there are a lot of such parties, you just have to know the right people or be in Greek Life basically. And uhhh focus on your edumacation and uhh only drink juice and soda if you are under 21.

This dude knows what’s up! The key to the college lifestyle is BALANCE and MODERATION. You’re only allowed to party hard if you work equally hard. And if you do attend parties, be sure you have a buddy or two that’ll take care of you if the going gets rough! 

I saw that someone just asked you about the “party scene” at NAU and i just wanted to say that you answered it perfectly! I feel like you explained it so well for people who enjoy all different kinds of entertainment and kept it perfessional! Just wanted to give some positive feedback! haha Keep up the good work! 

Anonymous wanted to know:
how is the party scene at NAU? how many parties do you go to in one semester? are they happening every weekend? and are they any good

Oh anon, partying is such an ambiguous term. For some college students, a good ol’ party may consist of Casino Night, where you can get your gamble on. Or maybe you’d like to attend a bonfire in the forest (being cautious of fire restrictions naturally) and do keg stands. Maybe your idea of a party is sitting on a bench under the Flagstaff stars with a hookah and a good group of friends, discussing black holes and the meaning of life. Regardless of your ability to “hang”, you’ll get your fix. Put yourself out there, meet people, and who knows where you’ll end up. While focusing strenuously on your grades of course. :)

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I want to be a writer what classes so I need to take

What kind of writer?

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For orientation do you stay at the hall orrr?

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